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3 Reasons to Enclose Your Building in Insulated Metal Paneling

Insulated metal panels (IMPs) have come a long way since the first structural insulated panels (SIPs) were conceived in the 1930s. Today’s structural panels are manufactured in a wide array of styles and materials to meet enclosure requirements for most commercial operations. Here are three benefits of enclosing your structures with IMPs.

  1. IMPs Offer 5 Key Functions in One Product

The IMP panels installed on your buildings provide five valuable features in one product. Due to the unique way the panels interlock, IMPs form a superior barrier around buildings.

An IMP enclosure around your structure offers protection from:

3 Facts About Green Roofs on Commercial Buildings

Does your commercial structure have a flat or slightly sloped roof? If it does, install a green roof and reap the rewards of sustainability. Here are three facts about green roofing systems on commercial buildings.

  1. You Can Choose How Deep to Plant

A green roof is green in the sustainable sense and by its visual impact. Over a special waterproof system, plants are installed in growing medium. The placement and selection of plants determine whether you create a lush patch of grass or a roof-top walkway with shade trees and flowering plants.

You can choose from three levels of green roof installations. Your choices may be limited by your roof load and the accessibility of the roof. The three main types of green roofs along with general descriptions are listed here.

4 Benefits of a New Commercial Roof Installation

It’s a big deal to have your entire commercial roof replaced. Some facility managers realize their structures need better top enclosures, but they put off having new roofing materials installed until serious roof-related damage occurs.

However, a new commercial roof is a net positive for your building. Learn about four benefits you receive with your brand new commercial roof.

  1. You Improve the Safety of Your Building

As building technology increases, knowledge about the safe construction of buildings also grows. Building designers continue to develop new materials and construction techniques for the safety of people who must maintain the exterior of buildings.

4 Reasons to Choose Metal Roofs

Whether you’re recovering a structure or planning the roof design for a new building, metal roofing is a solid choice. Here are four reasons why.

  1. Long Life and Durability

According to a recent study, building owners rank the service life of roofing material as their most important consideration when selecting roofing products. The more durable the roofing material, the longer it lasts.

Maintenance of the roof is another factor related to its durability. Each roofing type costs a percentage of its total installed cost to maintain over the lifetime of the roof.

The following maintenance-cost comparisons were reported by building owners for their steep slope roofing types in percentages:

  • Asphalt shingles — 28.5 percent
  • Single-ply membrane — 19 percent
  • Metal roofing — 3.5 percent

11 Signs Your Commercial Building Requires Reroofing

As a business owner, you dedicate a lot of time and energy to the success of your company. However, even if you’ve perfected your business model, a shoddy workplace can decrease your employee productivity, customer loyalty, and potentially even product quality.

If it’s been a while since your focus was on your brick and mortar property, you may have some maintenance issues to deal with, including roofing problems. In this blog, we list 11 indicators you may see if your commercial roof needs to be replaced entirely.

  1. Advanced Age

All building exterior materials eventually age out, even commercial roofs. Most commercial roofing materials last at least two decades and many can last longer with appropriate maintenance. However, if your roof is more than 25 years old, you should look for any of the other signs on this list.


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