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Do you want quality roof protection for your Minneapolis, MN, business? Turn to Berwald Roofing & Sheet Metal for help. We offer built-up roofing systems that will protect your business and your finances.

What Are Built-Up Roofing Systems?

These roofing systems consist of many layers, typically bitumen, ply sheets, and gravel.

Two different types of built-up roofing systems exist: hot and cold. Hot built-up roofing systems are made of hot asphalt, where the roofer heats it up so that it is liquid during the installation. Cold built-up roofing systems are of cold-application cement. Installers can spray or apply the cement with a squeegee.

What Are the Benefits of Built-Up Roofing Systems?

Built-up roofing systems are very helpful in many ways. These include:

  • Protection: Because of their many layers, built-up roofing systems provide greater protection against the elements and leaks as well as fire, smoke, impact, UV rays, and ozone radiation.
  • Affordability: Built-up roofing systems prove their worth in the long run. They require little maintenance, offer thorough protection, reduce energy costs, and last for decades, which ensures that you don’t have to pay as much for repairs and upkeep.
  • Versatility: Built-up roofing systems are workable with a variety of materials and businesses, which ensures that you don’t need to worry heavily about design.

If you’re unsure if built-up roofing systems are right for your business, talk to us today.

How Can Berwald Roofing & Sheet Metal Help?

If you want to install a built-up roofing system or redo an existing one, we’re the built-up roofing contractors to call.

With our years of experience in the roofing industry, we know the technology and tools that go into quality built-up roofing systems. We know which materials work, what ways to best install your roofing system for maximum protection, and what training to implement so that all our roofers provide high-quality work.

Additionally, we only use materials from the leading industry brands, such as Johns Manville, Garland, G.A.F., and Tremco. You never have to worry about subpar materials or short-lived roofing systems with us.

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