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How Smart Facility Managers Deal With Commercial Roof Leaks

Commercial Roof Leaks

For commercial roofing systems, a leak isn’t something to ignore or cheaply patch. Depending on the operations in the building, a single leak can cause a lot of damage, sometimes in unexpected ways. For those who manage or maintain a commercial facility, there are numerous reasons why immediate action is a necessity.

Roof Leaks Damage Commercial Properties

Consequential damages are expenses and damage that can occur indirectly because of a leak. Commercial properties must keep a tight rein on expenses, and consequential damage can become a very expensive problem.

4 Ways Commercial Roofing Installation Helps With Company Branding

4 Ways Commercial Roofing Installation Helps With Company Branding

One way for a company to stand out and remain recognized is through branding. Company branding includes logos, themes, and messages you want to get across to customers. When you own a physical business location, the branding on the building may become an essential part of customer recognition.

Just think of popular fast-food restaurants and how their designs stand out as soon as you drive by. With a commercial roof installation for your own business, there are four ways the roof can integrate with the branding of your company and help showcase a cohesive design.

4 Major Benefits of Choosing to Restore Your Commercial Roof

Commercial Buildings

Your commercial roof likely has a lot more life left in it than you may assume. In many cases, a roof restoration can prolong the life of your roof while also giving you more options for keeping your roof before you have to take on the decision of replacing it. Here’s what a roof restoration can do for your commercial roof and why you should consider one.

1. Roof Restoration Deals With Roof Damage

Roof damage can occur in numerous ways. Sometimes damage of any sort can make a property owner wonder if it’s time to replace the roof. For commercial properties, damaged roofs can become a liability and replacing the roof can cost more than you want to pay.

4 Aspects of a Green Roof That Create a Positive Work Environment

Beautiful Plants In Garden

When it comes to the installation of a roof on a commercial building or business, the installation is completed and the business moves on without a second thought. However, a green roof installation can completely change your business, and the positive effects may trickle right down to the employees who work for you.

A roof installation comes with multiple features, and each one not only helps with the environment, but will directly impact your company in positive ways. Learn multiple ways a green roof will help foster a positive work environment for your company.

4 Types of Commercial Roofing Systems and Their Advantages

Commercial Roofing Systems

If you’re a business owner who is thinking about building or reroofing your own commercial building, you need to make many decisions. The roofing system you choose is one of the most important decisions.

A commercial roof protects the entire building from the elements. The insulation inside a roofing system also helps to keep the building energy efficient. Not only does the right roofing system add structural integrity to the building, it keeps personnel inside the building safe and comfortable.

In order to help you determine the best kind of roof for your commercial building, here are four types of commercial roofing systems and their advantages.

Installing a Roof During Business Hours? How to Manage Business

Reroofing your business during business hours can be a challenge. Some businesses close during a commercial reroofing project, while others remain open. Either way, a commercial reroofing project requires a lot of coordination and preparation. If your business needs a roof installation in the coming months, take a look at what you need to do in order to be prepared. 

Hire a Reputable Commercial Roofer

First, hire a reputable commercial builder. Experienced builders know how to work with business owners in order to get the roof up with the least amount of disruption possible. When you interview commercial roofers, ask them questions such as: 

Managing Rooftop Fixtures on Standing Seam Metal Roofs

A standing seam metal roof will last 40 to 70 years on your commercial building. At the same time, the roof can reduce cooling costs, resist flames from wildfire or lightning, and sustain high winds. However, rooftop features, including HVAC units, vents, and solar panels, must be installed carefully on the standing seam metal roof. Take a look at three things you should know about this process.

  1. Insist on Tested Metal Panels

The standing seam metal roof is considered a hydrostatic or water-barrier-type roof. The standing seam metal roof panels are formed from uncoiled metal that’s cut to width and roll-formed into the correct seam arrangement. Panels are then cut to length for stock or custom roofing purposes.

5 Facts to Know About Snow Loads on Commercial Roofs

With winter at the doorstep, commercial property owners must be vigilant to avoid roof collapses due to snow loads. Here are five things to know about commercial roofs and snow loads.

  1. The Weight of Snow and Ice

Minnesotans can expect between 31 and 86 inches of annual snowfall depending on their location in the state. However, not all snow weighs the same amount.

Which Green Roof Is Best for Your Facility?

If you’re installing a green roof on a commercial building, you’ve made a wise choice. Green roofs provide economic benefits by reducing energy costs, increasing HVAC efficiency, and extending roof life. Green roofs also enhance neighborhoods by cutting greenhouse gas emissions, improving air quality, and curbing the urban heat-island effect.

The green roof you select for your structure will be one of two basic types. These two types of roofs are called extensive and intensive roofs. Here’s more information to help you choose the best type of green roof for your commercial building.

Is Your Flat Roof Near the End of Its Life?

Flat roofs are one of the most common types of rooftops found on commercial buildings. They’re common because they’re space efficient, easy to maintain, and good for supporting large air-conditioning units. If you’re a business owner who is concerned about making the best use of your building’s square footage, a flat roof is probably the best type of roof for your needs.

That said, flat roofs don’t last forever. You need to maintain your flat roof and replace it before it loses its structural integrity, especially in places like Minnesota, where snowfall can be heavy and wet in winter.

A flat roof that is not well maintained could buckle under the stress of a heavy snow or could leak and cause structural damage to your building. Knowing when your flat roof needs to be replaced can help you take care of your commercial property. 


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