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11 Signs Your Commercial Building Requires Reroofing

As a business owner, you dedicate a lot of time and energy to the success of your company. However, even if you’ve perfected your business model, a shoddy workplace can decrease your employee productivity, customer loyalty, and potentially even product quality.

If it’s been a while since your focus was on your brick and mortar property, you may have some maintenance issues to deal with, including roofing problems. In this blog, we list 11 indicators you may see if your¬†commercial roof¬†needs to be replaced entirely.

  1. Advanced Age

All building exterior materials eventually age out, even commercial roofs. Most commercial roofing materials last at least two decades and many can last longer with appropriate maintenance. However, if your roof is more than 25 years old, you should look for any of the other signs on this list.

  1. Bubbles

Bubbles or blisters can form between roofing materials and insulation due to moisture accumulation over time or air pockets. Generally, by the time this warping occurs, localized repairs would be so extensive that reroofing is actually a more cost-effective investment.

  1. Cracks/Splits

Roofing materials can crack for a number of reasons, including moisture intrusion. Typically, if the cracking appears in multiple places or spreads extensively, your roofer will recommend reroofing.

  1. Gaps

As your metal roof ages, the individual panels may begin to pull apart, especially if the fasteners corrode. This movement causes visible gaps on the surface of the roof that expose the membrane beneath directly to the elements.

  1. Interior Water Damage

One of the most telltale signs that reroofing is required instead of needing simple repairs is extensive leaking. However, in commercial buildings, roof leaks don’t always mean dripping ceiling and a bucket underneath. Instead, look for any staining and peeling paint on the uppermost level of the building that would indicate water damage.

  1. Irreparable Deck Deterioration

Certain warning signs that commercial reroofing is necessary requires the expert eye of a roof inspector. If you notice some of the obvious signs on this list, you should schedule an inspection to determine if some of the less obvious signs like extensive deck deterioration exist as well.

When the deck beneath your roofing material deteriorates too much, the deck may no longer hold the weight of the roof, making it a safety hazard and necessitating replacement.

  1. Musty Odors

Moisture intrusion is one of the most dangerous threats that comes with an irreparable roof, in part because moisture accumulation encourages mold growth. If your roof has become severely damaged and mold has begun to grow, you may see spores or you may just notice the distinct musty odor.

  1. Outdated Insulation

If your building has old or restricted outdated insulation, your roofer may need to reroof in order to provide you with new, energy-efficient insulation to stabilize your climate control costs and indoor temperatures. If your insulation is worn out, your employees may complain of drafts or warm spots.

Additionally, if your roof has phenolic foam insulation, there is a high likelihood that the chemicals in the insulation will eventually compromise the decking material, which is why this type of insulation does not meet current building codes.

  1. Standing Water

It may seem like everything stays wet after a rainstorm. However, your roof should not stay wet for more than a few days. If you notice puddles that act more like permanent ponds on your roof, you likely have sagging in those areas and may already have leaks beneath those compromised points.

  1. Uneven Wear

Ideally, your roofing material should age evenly. However, weathering can cause dramatically different patterns of wear of different parts of your roof. Unfortunately, this pattern can make certain portions of your roof more vulnerable to leaks and deteriorating roofing materials. When the wear gets too extensive, your roofer will recommend total replacement.

  1. Warped Flashing

Flashing, or the trim around the edge of your roof, helps keep moisture, wind, and pests from getting into the roof. If you notice rot, bending, or other warping of a large amount of flashing, you likely have large amounts of correlating damage behind the flashing that will necessitate reroofing.

If you or a commercial roof inspector notices any combination of the warning signs listed above, schedule a reroofing service as soon as possible.

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