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4 Aspects of a Green Roof That Create a Positive Work Environment

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When it comes to the installation of a roof on a commercial building or business, the installation is completed and the business moves on without a second thought. However, a green roof installation can completely change your business, and the positive effects may trickle right down to the employees who work for you.

A roof installation comes with multiple features, and each one not only helps with the environment, but will directly impact your company in positive ways. Learn multiple ways a green roof will help foster a positive work environment for your company.

1. Pavers

The main type of installation on a green roof is typically a grass top with a drainage system and multiple layers to protect the roof from water leaks and moisture. Along with the grass top options, a professional roofing company has the ability to install pavers on the roof.

A paver may be produced with recycled materials and is made for walking on the rooftop area. With the addition of pavers to your company’s roof, you have the ability to give employees a place to walk and stretch on their breaks.

Fresh air adds a lot of benefits to the work day, even if an employee gets out in the open air for just ten minutes. The exposure to fresh air could help spark more energy, increase happiness, and help increase the amount of fresh oxygen intake.

When an employee goes on the roof, they will remain at the place of business, which gives them more time on the actual break instead of walking somewhere else or going to a different location.

2. Patio Areas

Along with pavers used to create rooftop walkways, larger sections may be installed to create a rooftop patio. The lighter colors of the pavers will reflect the light instead of absorbing the heat, which helps add an environmentally-friendly touch to the roof.

For your employees, a small patio area helps in a number of different ways. A table and chairs may be set up so employees can enjoy their lunch break outside. An umbrella installation could provide a little shade if the sun is too bright or hot in the direct light.

Small meetings may take place on the roof as well. The open feel and exposure to the outdoors and fresh air could make all the difference when employees have to brainstorm ideas. Depending on the size of the roof and your business, you may have to set up a calendar so certain groups may schedule the exclusive rooftop meeting times.

The patio area could be something your employees look forward to everyday and help increase a positive work environment when planned out correctly.

3. Planters & Roof Gardens

One of the bigger benefits a green roof supplies for your business is the ability to encourage green living in the workplace. Along with patches of living grass, your employees have the chance to expand on the environmentally-friendly work area with planters and roof gardens.

Various plant installations may include flowers, small trees, or vegetables. Employees may even get assigned their own designated grass square they could make all their own. The encouragement of green living in the workplace is an ideal way to get employees to think about more environmentally-friendly options.

Employees could take turns tending to the roof garden as needed and your company could even start a roof garden club if enough people show interest. In a work environment, taking care of a garden is a collective process. Employees will pull weeds, water the garden, and choose plants together as a group.

The teamwork done in the garden will trickle down into work activities to help create more positive outcomes and problem-solving. The relaxation and comfort you feel while gardening will also help impact the mood for individual employees.

4. Solar Panel Upgrades

Once a green roof gets installed on your business, you have the option to take the next step with the installation of solar panels. Commercial solar panels will reduce the carbon footprint your company creates and the installation of the clean energy will help create a company your employees are proud of.

Simple changes in the work environment could help lead to personal changes at home for employees or at least make them aware of the options. Along with the solar panel, comparisons to electricity bills and power consumption reports may be given to employees.

Employees may have a positive feeling when they know how much energy was saved each month and how the energy savings equates to different elements like trees or freshwater sources.

Planning and implementing various features of a green roof is the first step in creating a positive work environment for your employees.

For more information on green roof installations and how they could work for your business, contact us at Berwald Roofing & Sheet Metal. We have a variety of roof options and have years of experience working on commercial roofs.


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