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4 Commercial Metal Roofing Myths Debunked

Metal roofs have become popular for commercial setups. First, metal roofing is quite durable. Moreover, metal roofs are recyclable, which means that the roof helps to reduce environmental waste.

However, a lot of misinformation surrounds metal roofs. These misconceptions make things hard for business owners to decide if metal roofs are ideal for their premises. This blog debunks common myths about metal roofs to help you make an informed decision.

1. Metal Roofs Are Noisy

Many business owners agree that they are yet to use metal roofs because of a fear of noise. Commercial buildings, such as restaurants, need to create a serene environment for customers, and any roofing system that would disrupt that would be a no-go.

The truth is metal roofs are not as noisy as most people think. With the proper installation, metal roofs can absorb sounds to reduce noise levels.

Furthermore, metal roofs are installed over a solid substrate, such as plywood. The concrete substrate acts as an extra insulation layer, which reduces the level of noise that passes through the metal roof.

In addition, many metal roofs also have a built-in vapor barrier. The vapor barrier absorbs vibrations, which reduces the amount of noise through the metal roofing system.

2. Metal Roofs Are Prone to Rust and Corrosion

Many people associate metal roofs with rust and corrosion. The reason is that most people make the assumption purely based on metal roofs on old buildings with poor maintenance.

However, if you install and maintain your commercial metal roof correctly, the roof will be more resistant to rust and corrosion than most other roofing materials. For instance, you can invest in proper roof sealing and protection to keep moisture at bay to protect your metallic roof from the rust.

3. Metal Roofs Are Inefficient

Some people automatically assume that metallic roofs absorb heat to make buildings extremely hot and inhabitable. But again, the efficiency of your metal roofing system depends on how well you install and maintain the roof.

A metal roofing system can improve the energy efficiency of your commercial building in many ways.

Metal Roofs Can Reflect Heat

Metal roofs feature reflective materials. Therefore, you can count on the roof to help cool your building during the hot season. In return, a metal roof reduces the energy you need to cool your office.

Metal Roofs Can Help Insulate Your Building

Metal roofs can offer an extra insulation layer to cool your office during the hot season and retain the building’s heat during the cold season. This benefit means that your HVAC does not need to work hard to regulate temperatures in your office.

4. Metal Roofs Are Expensive

Many individuals associate metal roofs with high-end buildings and see the roof as a luxury item. As a result, they might believe that metal roofs are expensive.

Indeed, the overhead installation costs may sound expensive. But if you consider other factors, such as the durability of metal roofs, you realize that the value you get from this investment exceeds the cost.

Metal roofs are more durable than most roofing materials. So you will not have to replace your metal roof as often as you would with other roofing materials.

In addition to that, metal roofs are energy-efficient. As such, you will not have to spend as much money on cooling your building during the summer.

If you think that metal roofing is right for your commercial building, do not hesitate to contact us at Berwald Roofing & Sheet Metal. We offer quality metal roofing services to transform your business for the better. We look forward to hearing from you.


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