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4 Major Benefits of Choosing to Restore Your Commercial Roof

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Your commercial roof likely has a lot more life left in it than you may assume. In many cases, a roof restoration can prolong the life of your roof while also giving you more options for keeping your roof before you have to take on the decision of replacing it. Here’s what a roof restoration can do for your commercial roof and why you should consider one.

1. Roof Restoration Deals With Roof Damage

Roof damage can occur in numerous ways. Sometimes damage of any sort can make a property owner wonder if it’s time to replace the roof. For commercial properties, damaged roofs can become a liability and replacing the roof can cost more than you want to pay.

A roof restoration can help you find a middle ground between these two things. As the name implies, roof restoration involves restoring the roof to help it maintain functionality by repairing the damaged roof sections. By repairing the damage, you can save your roof, keep it serviceable, and make sure that it’s not easily damaged again.

Your roof, just like every other part of your commercial property, is an investment. Using a roof restoration service to repair the roof and prevent future damage will only increase the roof’s overall return on investment.

2. Roof Restoration Improves Roof Aesthetics

Cleaning the roof is a big part of roof restorations. Sometimes a commercial roof can look unhealthy even when it still has a lot of life left in it.

During the restoration process, the roof will recover its aesthetic appeal. A better-looking commercial roof can improve the curb appeal of your property which can help draw in more tenants, investors, or other interested parties. Restoring the roof while improving its appearance can make a lot of sense if you’re marketing the property in any way.

3. Roof Restoration Saves You Money

All the benefits of a roof restoration can directly save you money, but there are some hidden cost savings associated with roof restoration as well.

Roof restoration is less impactful than other types of roofing work. Any interruption in production or closure of a section won’t last as long as it would during a re-roofing job or a roof replacement. This can mean less downtime, fewer disruptions, and fewer costs associated with those things. If your business income relies on tenants, that shorter time to completion can also mean you retain more of them during the process.

You can also count roof restoration as a maintenance expense under GAAP accounting practices, which can help the bottom line. You can deduct the cost of maintenance and repairs.

Roof restoration also helps to give you more time with your current roof to eke out more value from it. You will have more time before you inevitably have to replace the roof. If you’re keeping a facility budget that includes your roof, then you will have the ability to save towards larger roofing changes instead of having it all dumped on you at once.

These savings, along with the potential energy savings and the savings on the ongoing repair budget for your roof, can make a huge difference, especially for a smaller business. However, roof restoration isn’t always the best option for all commercial roofs.

A roof nearing the end of its useful life will need reroofing or roof replacement. Roofing restoration works best when it’s preventing a roof from prematurely reaching the end of its useful life.

If the roof repair costs compare to re-roofing or replacing the roof, then it’s typically better to go ahead with those options. Figuring out what kind of life your roof has left typically requires a professional inspection from a roofing service to determine.

Whether you want to restore, reroof, or repair your roof, speak to the commercial roofing professionals at Berwald Roofing & Sheet Metal first. We can help you make a smart decision about restoring or replacing your roof so your business can thrive, and we work with all types of commercial buildings.


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