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4 Reasons Your Business Needs an Annual Roof Maintenance Plan

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Your commercial roof protects everything and everyone inside of your business, so it makes sense to be proactive about its care. A long-lasting roof costs your company less in the long run, so plan to maintain it rather than replace it when possible. A roof maintenance plan is the key to properly caring for the roof.

1. Debris Removal

Debris can accumulate, particularly on flat and low-slope roofs. Debris includes everything from leaves and blown-in garbage to things like bird nests and droppings. Although debris can collect on a roof year-round, fall is the prime time due to falling leaves.

Why You Need It

A dirty, debris-strewn roof may not be visible to anyone below, but it can cause expensive issues down the line. Leaves and other items can trap moisture against the roof and also add weight, increasing the chances of a leak.

Debris also clogs drains and gutters and can interfere with rooftop HVAC systems. Bird droppings and pollutants are often acidic, which means they can eat through roof membranes and lead to severe damage.

2. Drain Checks

Depending on the type and slope of the roof, you will have drains, gutter systems, or both. Drains may be around the roof perimeter, or in the case of large flat roofs, central drains may be present. Inspect and clear these of any blockages at least once a year.

Why You Need It

Blocked drains pose a major hazard. If water can’t drain off properly, it stays on the roof where it can cause algae growth and worse. If a leak does not form, the weight from the puddling water can cause a devastating roof collapse. Blocked internal drains can damage more than just the roof, too.

Blockages deep in these drains can cause the drainpipe to burst somewhere in the building, leading to major interior damages. Not only are these damages expensive to repair, but the repair may also interrupt business operations depending on the location and extent of the damage.

3. Penetration Inspections

Roof penetrations include things like the vent stacks, access ports, and rooftop appliances like an HVAC system. These usually seal to the roof with roofing tar and flashing, which means a seam is around each penetration.

Why You Need It

Roof leaks more commonly form around roof penetrations due to the presence of the seam. Flashing may also have a shorter lifespan than the other roofing materials, simply because it is more prone to corrosion and rust. Replacing failed flashing can add years to the life of the rest of the roof.

Frequent inspections catch seam issues early so you can repair them before a leak forms. A leak can damage more than the roof — it may also damage the appliance or item that penetrates the roof.

4. Leak Detection

Leaks are a problem no matter what type of roofing material you have on your buildings, because no material is completely immune to leaves. Not all leaks are immediately noticeable. You can have a leak for some time before you actually see the damage.

Why You Need It

Failure to catch a leak early can lead to extensive hidden damages in your building, including mold, rot, and material collapse. On flat roofs, leaks often form along seams in the roofing membrane or in an area where the membrane has suffered damage.

An annual inspection can catch these damages early. By catching damage early, you not only prevent leak issues, but you may also be able to repair the roof instead of having to pay for a full replacement. For example, seams beginning to fail can be resealed, or membrane damage can be patched.

You do not need to have a maintenance plan in place to schedule annual maintenance, but these plans can provide cost savings. Further, a plan ensures that the roofer schedules your annual maintenance with you in advance, which ensures you do not miss an inspection and maintenance visit. Contact Berwald Roofing & Sheet Metal to learn more about annual roof maintenance and protection plans.


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