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4 Ways Commercial Roofing Installation Helps With Company Branding

4 Ways Commercial Roofing Installation Helps With Company Branding

One way for a company to stand out and remain recognized is through branding. Company branding includes logos, themes, and messages you want to get across to customers. When you own a physical business location, the branding on the building may become an essential part of customer recognition.

Just think of popular fast-food restaurants and how their designs stand out as soon as you drive by. With a commercial roof installation for your own business, there are four ways the roof can integrate with the branding of your company and help showcase a cohesive design.

Learn about the various options for branding with roof installations and get ideas for your own roof installation.

1. Roof Shapes

The shape of a roof not only provides the logistics for the space and headroom inside the building, but it will help set the atmosphere customers get when they enter a business. When you work with a professional roofing company, you have the ability to select from a number of custom roof shapes and designs.

For example, if you run a high-tech business, you may want a roof with sharp angles and a modern feel to the design. Metals and reflective materials reflect the modern age of technology and will match the other modern elements of your brand.

If your business is a bakery or sells home goods, you may choose to have a pitched roof installed. The more traditional design will give your business a home-like feel and reflect the welcoming nature of the whole business.

A sports or entertainment venue may want to consider a dome shape often associated with sports arenas or indoor athletic courts. A large dome shape indicates an open-air feel to the business, as the space inside the building won’t feel as closed off.

2. Roof Colors

Another way to showcase your business brand is with custom roof color options. Make a statement by adding some pops of color to your roof. Colors are an important aspect of branding, and once you select your brand colors, the two to three main colors will typically drive design options in all your business elements.

By choosing your roof colors, you have the ability to represent your brand and create something customers recognize for years to come. You can play around with the brand colors on your roof in multiple ways.

For example, consider blue and yellow as brand colors. In this situation, the base of the roof may represent your main color with a blue finish. Then pops of yellow may be added on the trim of the roof, around any windows, or through extra finishes like gutters and pipes.

When you coordinate brand colors in your roof, the roof colors will complement business signs or window decorations you use at the business. Take the time to really plan out options and consider the various colors for your branding needs.

3. Roof Access and Durability

When you have a roof installed for your business, you will want to consider gaining access to the roof. You could have ladders installed, include walkways on the roof, or create a specific area where employees may go for breaks.

The extra strength and durability built into the roof will also help with branding and advertising. For example, you may want to display large signs or banners on the roof. Commercial roofers will ensure the roof has the durability to hold these objects.

You may also want to consider the use of large inflatables on the roof. The inflatables may be used for a business mascot or a special holiday decoration. For example, around Christmas, you may want to showcase a large Santa Claus on the roof of your business. A roof should be able to hold multiple sandbags or ropes to stabilize the inflatable.

Along with the durability, commercial roofers can ensure that the roof has plenty of outlets and electrical connections for light-up signs, inflatables, or other rooftop items.

4. Eco-Friendly Roofing

One part of the branding for your business may be a message of your commitment to eco-friendly business practices. One way to show your commitment to the effort to be green is through the roof installation you have.

For the roof installation, you may choose to have eco-friendly materials built into the roof. Light colors may be used so the roof does not absorb too much sunlight and heat. A roof may also be installed with solar panel options to run clean energy solutions.

To increase more natural sunlight in the business, a roof may be installed with multiple skylights or glass panels. All of these various elements combine to showcase your effort to remain eco-friendly.

When your business chooses an eco-friendly roof option, you still have the ability to mix in other branding solutions as well. For example, you could have an eco-Friendly roof with various brand colors painted on the design.

Plan ahead to really make the most out of your company branding. Contact our professionals at Berwald Roofing & Sheet Metal to find out more information on our commercial roof options.


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