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5 Benefits of Single-Ply Membrane Roofs

When you consider various roofing materials for your commercial roof, single-ply membranes can be the answer you are looking for. Discover five benefits that single-ply membranes offer.

1. They Work With Many Roof Types

Single-ply membranes are a common choice for many commercial buildings. However, commercial buildings can have various types of roofs. Commercial buildings almost always have flat roofs, which helps with cost, square footage, or HVAC systems. However, these flat roofs are not always the same. Some flat roofs are green roofs, allowing for vegetation, or cool roofs, allowing for less heat retention.

Single-ply membranes are able to work with them all. Due to the membrane’s durable nature, it can provide the same benefits, regardless of the purpose you use your roof for.

2. They Work With Many Commercial Buildings

The beauty of a single-ply membrane is its ability to fit on any flat roof, regardless of the commercial building that sits underneath it. Whether you own an office building, factory, retail store, or school, a single-ply membrane is easily installable.

The only difference is usually the installation approach to accommodate for each roof’s unique layout. A professional roofer will provide details on how to best install a single-ply membrane on your specific building.

3. They Protect Against the Weather

A single-ply membrane’s materials help to protect against any weather that Mother Earth can throw at it.

For example, many people might know it for its ability to resist fire. While different single-ply membranes have different levels of fire resistance, all of them help to control the damage that fire can do to a roof. If you are unsure what level of fire-resistant membrane you should get, speak to your roofer about your concerns and their recommendation.

Additionally, while roofs have continual exposure to the sun, single-ply membranes are highly effective at protecting against sun damage so that you can enjoy your roof for longer. This is often due to their color, reflective power in their materials, or reduced number of seams.

And if you are worried about rain damaging your single-ply membrane, don’t be. Single-ply membranes are often made to be waterproof, which allows them to protect against all types of water intrusion, including snow and hail. With this, you will not have to worry about leaky roofs any time you have a rainstorm.

4. They Don’t Require Lots of Maintenance

While single-ply membranes do require some maintenance, they are highly durable, which, in turn, can lower their overall maintenance needs and costs. Basic cleaning, routine inspections, and less foot traffic all help to maintain your roof without extensive repairs or associated costs.

5. They Help With the Environment

While a single-ply membrane is useful during its lifetime, eventually it will stop working. When it does, you should not regard it as not useful anymore. Instead, a single-ply membrane can benefit some other building, due to its ability to be recycled. That means that it will not take up room in landfills or pollute the earth. You can rest assured that your single-ply membrane will go to good use after you are done with it.

If you want to learn more about single-ply membranes for your commercial roof, Berwald Roofing & Sheet Metal can answer all your questions and address all your concerns. Our experienced roofers can easily install a single-ply membrane on your building so that you can enjoy all the benefits it has to offer. Please get in touch with us today to discuss your commercial roofing needs. We look forward to helping you find and have a quality commercial roof, no matter your building’s size or look.


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