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5 Ways to Prepare Your Business for Re-Roofing

Roof — Saint Paul, MN — Berwald Roofing Inc.Installing a new roof on your commercial building can be disruptive to normal business operations. However, you can do many things to make the experience less disruptive to your business. You need to educate yourself about the roofing process, plan what your business will do during the project, communicate with your staff and customers, work the project into your budget, and prioritize safety.

Doing these things will ensure that your business operations will go smoothly before, during, and after your commercial re-roofing project. 

  1. Do Your Homework

Noises, dust, debris, odors, and climate control issues can all be a problem during a new roof installation. If you’ve never installed a new roof on your commercial building, talk to your contractor to find out what to expect. Ask questions such as:

  • When will work start?
  • How long will the work take?
  • What possible delays or challenges do you anticipate you may experience during the roof installation?
  • How much noise can I anticipate during the re-roofing process, and will it be intermittent or constant?
  • How much dust will enter my establishment, and at what points during the re-roofing process?
  • Will it be safe for customers and staff to enter and exit the building throughout the process?
  • Will my air conditioner (if it is on the roof) be shut off during the process?

Every re-roofing project is different because every building is different. Get the answers from your contractor to decide how you will handle your business operations during the project. 

  1. Decide Whether to Close or Stay Open

Some businesses decide to shut down during re-roofing projects, and others stay open. This decision will depend on how much your normal business operations will be impacted by the activity on the roof.

If your normal business operations will be dramatically impacted by noise or dust from construction, you may need to close business for a time. Work with your contractor to determine for when and how long your business should stay closed. 

However, if the noise and dust won’t be a hindrance or distraction, you can probably keep your doors open.

  1. Keep Staff and Clients in the Loop

Whether you’re keeping your business open or shutting down for a few days, keep staff and clients in the loop to avoid miscommunications. You can communicate with staff and customers in a multitude of ways: 

  • Distribute the information in writing using methods of communication like email and newsletters.
  • Post signs about the upcoming project in areas that are visible to staff and customers.
  • Provide dates, times, and a bullet point list of what to expect.
  • Invite staff to ask questions about the roofing project.
  • Provide information well in advance to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

If your business will remain open, but portions of your business (like areas of the parking lot) will be off-limits, create a plan for communicating which parts of your property are unavailable for use. Obtain yellow tape or another barrier to keep people away from areas that are prohibited.

If your daily operations will be affected, communicate with staff about which operations will continue to ensure smooth operations. 

  1. Fit Your Roof Into Your Budget and Business Plan

New roof installation represents a significant expense and can have an impact on profits. This project may also have an impact on productivity. To minimize the financial and workforce effects:

  • Shop around to find a contractor who can re-roof your business for an affordable price. 
  • Re-roof at a time of year when the building improvement project will have the least disruption to your business productivity or sales. 
  • Work with your contractor to expedite the process

Work with your contractor and members of your staff to fit your new roofing project into your business plan and budget as seamlessly as possible.

  1. Prioritize Safety

Your first priority should always be the safety of your customers and staff. Work with your contractor to ensure that, if the business will continue to operate while the roof is being replaced, everyone who comes to your building will be safe.

To do this, make a safety plan with your contractor. Address potential issues like extension cords, falling debris, and power tools.

Your contractor may put the plan in writing or even write the plan into your contract. Either way, discuss the plan at length. Make your contractor is aware of who will be on site and at what times throughout the day so your contractor can act accordingly.  

Find the Right Commercial Roofing Contractor 

The best way to ensure that your re-roofing project will go well is to find the right commercial roofing contractor for your needs. Start by interviewing reputable roofers in your area, and get bids from each one. Read the contract thoroughly before signing with the contractor of your choice. Contact references before hiring as well. 

For more information about preparing for your upcoming commercial re-roofing project, contact Berwald Roofing & Sheet Metal. We’ll be happy to answer your questions.


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