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6 Commercial Roof Maintenance Tips

Your commercial roof is fundamental in promoting your building’s structural integrity and protecting from the elements. As such, you want to keep it functional and beautiful to prevent huge repair bills and premature replacement. A good way to do this is to invest in regular roof maintenance. Learn six ways for proper commercial roof maintenance.

1. Clean Up

A clean roof is not only aesthetically appealing and improves your business’s image but also operates properly. Commercial roofs, especially low-sloped ones, are vulnerable to debris accumulation. Leaves, dust, twigs, and stones can build up on the roof, resulting in gutter clogs, algae, and mold growth. As such, clean your commercial roof to eliminate any debris and associated problems.

However, refrain from pressure washing your roof. Although it is an effective way to remove debris from your roof, it can harm roofing materials and even lead to water seepage. In addition to cleaning your roof, clean your drains and gutters and clear any clogs. A clean drains and gutter system ensures that water drains properly from the roof.

2. Prune Trees

Although trees increase your commercial property’s beauty and appeal, they can harm your roof. For example, falling tree limbs can cause roofing damage. Similarly, falling leaves and nuts are a good nesting place for critters who are notorious for chewing roofing materials and clogging drains and gutters. Tree damage is preventable by pruning overhanging branches and cutting diseased trees.  

3. Check for Leaks and Other Visible Damage

Leaks on a commercial roof can be catastrophic, resulting in inventory damage, slipping accidents, structural deterioration, and fire hazards. You can prevent these adverse effects by detecting and repairing leaks early. Watch out for water spots on walls, cracked or worn roofing material, water puddles indoors, and wet roof decking.  

Over time, your commercial roof wears out, and you may experience various roofing problems. Regularly check your roof for damage to vents, flashing, fascia, and decking. Also, look out for holes, punctures, and blisters on the roofing material.    

4. Inspect Equipment on Roof

Faulty rooftop equipment like AC, wiring, solar panels, and vents can affect your roof’s integrity and functioning. A leaky AC, for instance, can cause moisture problems on your roof, resulting in mold, decay, and structural damage. Therefore, caring for the equipment on your roof is essential in protecting your roof.     

5. Avoid Extra Pressure

While commercial roofs are strong and durable and can withstand harsh weather and daily wear, additional pressure can accelerate deterioration. For instance, walking on the roof carelessly and bulky equipment like solar panels put undue pressure on roofing materials and may ruin them. As such, limit the traffic and load on your roof to prevent damage and increase lifespan.   

6. Hire a Professional Commercial Roofer

A professional commercial roofer should inspect your roof regularly to detect any problems and tackle them promptly before they wreak havoc. Also, have your roof inspected after adverse weather like storms and heavy rains. Roof inspection saves you time, headaches, and money in unexpected repairs and replacement.   

When your roof needs repairs, only a trained roofing professional should handle them. Whether your roof leaks or appears damaged, a professional knows how to go about it without any mistakes. DIY roof repairs can do more harm than good to your roof and cause extensive and irreversible damage.

Your commercial roof is a huge investment. Performing regular roof maintenance goes a long way to keep the roof in pristine condition, extend its lifespan, and avoid huge repairs. Contact Berwald Roofing & Sheet Metal for commercial roofing services in Minnesota. We use the latest technologies and quality products to meet all your roofing needs.


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