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8 Signs You Need a New Commercial Roof

A roof serves as the first protective measure against exposure to environmental elements, which protects the assets inside your commercial estate. Therefore, you should know your roof’s condition and quality to ensure your commercial building remains in top shape. A good precaution to ensure your roof remains in good shape is to replace it if it shows extensive damage.

Learn about eight signs you should replace your commercial roof if you notice them.

1. Interior Damage

Your commercial property might exhibit signs of water damage on the inside. For example, you might notice water stains on your ceiling, flaked paint, rot, and corrosion in walls. Damaged roofs can leak water that damages sections of your commercial property or items that might leak directly under a roof. Call for a roof inspection to ascertain that your roof is the culprit of water damage.

2. Mold, Moss, and Mildew

Mold, moss, and mildew grow in areas with abundant moisture. These organisms can trap moisture underneath and further exacerbate roof damage. Additionally, moss roots can burrow into roofing components and further weaken them. If these organisms have grown further than is possible to remove, you should replace your roof rather than clean it.

3. Peeled Flashing

Flashing seals potential gaps near chimneys, HVAC inlets, vents, and other areas with artificial openings. Peeled flashing can compromise the areas it needs to protect and let water inside. Since flashing resides under the roof, peeling can cause the components underneath to have exposure to weather elements and deteriorate faster. Therefore, a new roof can restore the integrity of all these components.

4. Gaps and Cracks

Gaps and cracks develop on your commercial roof when the roofing membrane deteriorates. This deterioration may be slow or quick, depending on the quality, installation, and exposure to damaging elements like hails and storms. If you discover these gaps and cracks early, you can possibly repair them and restore their integrity. However, late discovery or gaps too large to repair will require a new installation.

5. Increased Energy Bills

Your roof is a barrier against weather elements, which can influence how you use your HVAC systems. The more exposure your commercial property has to external elements, the more you will use your HVAC system to counteract their impact. Therefore, increased energy bills due to increased HVAC usage might indicate a severe issue with your roof’s integrity.

6. Age

With time, your commercial roof will age due to wear and tear. Since this aspect is unavoidable, your roof’s ability to perform according to its initial installation guarantee will degrade over time. If your documents show that your roof has outlived its lifespan, you might need a new roof installation.

7. Sunlight Rays

A roof should completely isolate your commercial property from exposure to external elements. Therefore, sunlight rays shining through your roof without any installations that let light through indicates some sections have gaps that will leak water. A roof replacement will permanently resolve the issue if a roof technician cannot seal these sections.

8. Ponding

Wet weather can leave water or ice on your roof, which can increase the weight it bears and cause it to sag. More exposure will cause more sag, which warps the roof and creates local spots where water can pond. While this water might evaporate, extended exposure leaves your roof vulnerable to water damage. Therefore, a roof replacement can ensure you simultaneously fix the sag and ponding issues.

You should opt for a roof replacement company that ensures you receive top-grade roofing materials with established endurance and quality. Contact us at Berwald Roofing & Sheet Metal to replace your roof with our variety of roof installation options.


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