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Berwald Roofing Maintenance Program

A good maintenance program will extend the lifespan of your roof and keep repair costs to a minimum. It pays to have a well-maintained roof; it increases the value of any property, commercial or residential, and property loss due to leaks and other damage can be avoided.

Our Maintenance Program

The Berwald Roofing Maintenance Program is designed to give the property owner peace of mind. It covers all necessary work, including service calls and preventive maintenance to insure your roof performs for the longest period possible.

Inspections Will Include:27351351_xl

  • Metal Flashings – inspect for loose or shifted metal counter flashings, termination bars, coping caps and edge metals.
  • Base Flashings – inspect base flashings for splits, tears, sagging or physical damage.
  • Roof Penetrations – inspect pipe, vent stacks and electrical conduit flashings
  • Roof Drainage – one of the most common causes of a leak is an obstructed roof drain, scupper drain or gutter system. Standing water on the roof can add extra weight – from a few hundred pounds to a ton or more – causing deck deflection and extra stress on your roof system.
  • Roof Area – inspect for splits, tears and punctures or movement of roof insulation.
Each roof will be evaluated to determine its serviceability and Berwald Roofing will recommend initial corrective repairs to be completed. We will remain available for any questions or problems that may occur during the year. When the time comes for a roof replacement, we will work with you to design a system that best meets your needs and budget. Your roof should also be inspected after any severe storms. In addition, a file should be maintained in your facility containing all documents relating to the roof, including but not limited to:
  • As-built specifications and drawings
  • Copies of all warranties and guarantees
  • Names, addresses and phone number of original roofing and decking contractors and all major material suppliers
  • Minutes of job meetings related to the roof
  • Inspector and/or consultant reports
  • All correspondence related to the roof
  • Notes of observation during roof inspections by an outside party
Upon installation of any new equipment requiring penetration of roof, mark its location on your roof drawing and the date of the installation. Place a copy of the flashing details in your file. Making repairs as they present is a sure way to prevent premature replacement.


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