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8 Signs You Need a New Commercial Roof

A roof serves as the first protective measure against exposure to environmental elements, which protects the assets inside your commercial estate. Therefore, you should know your roof’s condition and quality to ensure your commercial building remains in top shape. A good precaution to ensure your roof remains in good shape is to replace it if it shows extensive damage.

Learn about eight signs you should replace your commercial roof if you notice them.

5 Common Causes of Commercial Roof Leaks

Commercial roof leaks can lead to catastrophic water damage and losses. The leaks may also increase safety hazards. As a proactive business owner, you need to look for ways to prevent roof leaks to mitigate these risks. The idea is to detect commercial roofing problems early on and fix them to prevent leaks. You also need to know when to invest in commercial roof repair or replacement.

Read on to discover five common causes of commercial roof leaks and how to prevent them. 

4 Commercial Metal Roofing Myths Debunked

Metal roofs have become popular for commercial setups. First, metal roofing is quite durable. Moreover, metal roofs are recyclable, which means that the roof helps to reduce environmental waste.

However, a lot of misinformation surrounds metal roofs. These misconceptions make things hard for business owners to decide if metal roofs are ideal for their premises. This blog debunks common myths about metal roofs to help you make an informed decision.

Tips for Metal Wall Panel Maintenance

The low maintenance benefit of metal panels is one of the reasons why you would prefer them to other cladding materials, like vinyl and wood. Metal panels are designed to serve you for decades, but they also need some care. So, if you decide to use metal paneling on your building, you must take some steps to extend its lifespan.  

Read on to discover some tips on how you can ensure that your metal panels remain in good condition for years to come.

10 Advantages of Using Aluminum Composite Panels

If you are in search of lightweight wall cladding material with a seamless finish for your building, then aluminum composite material is your best bet. Aluminum composite material (ACM) comprise two aluminum sheets bonded to a fire retardant core. The panels are popular in the construction industry because they are easy to customize. 

6 Commercial Roof Maintenance Tips

Your commercial roof is fundamental in promoting your building’s structural integrity and protecting from the elements. As such, you want to keep it functional and beautiful to prevent huge repair bills and premature replacement. A good way to do this is to invest in regular roof maintenance. Learn six ways for proper commercial roof maintenance.

Dangers Of A Leaking Commercial Roof

A leaky commercial roof is bad news for your business, employees, and pocket. Whether the leak emanates from weather damage, poor drainage, age, or worn-out membrane, it is vital to have a roofing professional inspect and fix it promptly. Learn the dangers of a leaky commercial roof and why you should prevent it at all costs.

5 Benefits of Single-Ply Membrane Roofs

When you consider various roofing materials for your commercial roof, single-ply membranes can be the answer you are looking for. Discover five benefits that single-ply membranes offer.

1. They Work With Many Roof Types

Single-ply membranes are a common choice for many commercial buildings. However, commercial buildings can have various types of roofs. Commercial buildings almost always have flat roofs, which helps with cost, square footage, or HVAC systems. However, these flat roofs are not always the same. Some flat roofs are green roofs, allowing for vegetation, or cool roofs, allowing for less heat retention.

Single-ply membranes are able to work with them all. Due to the membrane’s durable nature, it can provide the same benefits, regardless of the purpose you use your roof for.


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