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Dangers Of A Leaking Commercial Roof

A leaky commercial roof is bad news for your business, employees, and pocket. Whether the leak emanates from weather damage, poor drainage, age, or worn-out membrane, it is vital to have a roofing professional inspect and fix it promptly. Learn the dangers of a leaky commercial roof and why you should prevent it at all costs.

Property Damage

A leak exposes the contents of your commercial building to water damage, especially anything situated on the floor under the roof. It can wreak havoc on equipment, inventory, furniture, and structures. If you operate a warehouse or any storage facility storing goods for an extended period, a leak may destroy tons of products unnoticed.

A leak on your commercial roof can be a significant financial blow since you may need to replace damaged assets as well as repair structures. It is not uncommon for severe roof leaks to paralyze business operations or even lead to business closure. You may experience an operations downtime as repairs and replacements take place.   

Mold Issues

One of the most significant effects of water intrusion is mold and mildew growth. You may notice discoloration and stains on your walls, a musty odor, or rust on metal objects. When mold makes its way into your HVAC, it spreads through your commercial property, making remediation harder and costlier.

The adverse effects of mold are causing health problems for a building’s occupants –customers, employees, and visitors. They may experience symptoms like sneezing, runny nose, sore throat, headaches, and fatigue.

The symptoms are severe for people with allergies and respiratory disorders like asthma. In an office space, mold-related health issues can affect employees’ comfort, satisfaction, and productivity.  

 Safety Hazards

Water from a leaky roof poses numerous safety hazards for persons in your building. First, puddles, especially those in poorly lit areas, can cause accidents. An unsuspecting employee or visitor may step on the water and slip and fall. In case of injury, your business will be held liable. You could face costly lawsuits that tarnish your reputation and credibility.

Second, leaks could result in fire hazards. It is especially if the leak is near electrical wiring and break boxes. Leaks also increase the risk of electrocution, raising safety concerns and attracting bad press.

Increased Utility Costs

The water and moisture from a leak can make their way to your insulation, making it less effective in trapping heat in winter and keeping off heat in summer. Once your insulation gets saturated in water, it cannot function optimally and wears out with time.

As a result, your building’s energy bills skyrocket while indoor air quality and occupant thermal satisfaction suffer. Your HVAC works harder to meet your building’s cooling and heating needs. Notably, leaks increase the moisture levels indoors, requiring you to over-rely on dehumidifiers.   

Premature Roof Replacement

Your commercial roof is a significant investment. As such, you want it to serve you for the longest time possible to get a return on investment. Unfortunately, a leak can decrease your roof’s useful life and require you to replace it sooner than usual, increasing your business’ operating expenses.

You may need a new roof if the leak damages the membrane, decking, and framing. Similarly, roofs with multiple and persistent leaks and those accompanied by a sagging roofline may require roof replacement since repairs are short-term remedies.     

A leak on your commercial roof is a costly nightmare. Luckily, you can prevent this nasty ordeal by scheduling regular maintenance on your roof so that any potential leaks are identified and fixed.

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