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Own a Commercial Building? 5 Ways To Extend the Life of Your Metal Panels

If you’ve decided to invest in metal panels for your commercial building, you’ve made an excellent choice. Metal wall panels provide benefits you might not have considered. Metal wall panels are durable, long-lasting, and eco-friendly. Plus, they enhance the appearance of any commercial building.

However, metal panels do need routine maintenance, especially if you want to extend the life of your investment. If you don’t have experience with metal wall panels, read the list below. Here are five tips that will extend the life of your metal panels.

Get Professional Installation

If you want metal wall panels for your building, choose professional installation. Any installation mistakes can undermine the strength and durability of your metal panels. Improper installation can lead to issues like inadequate support and structural instability. Unfortunately, these issues can shorten the lifespan of your metal wall panels.

Professional installation is crucial when you want to extend the life of your metal wall panels. When you pay for professional installation, you know that your metal panels are installed according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Invest in Protective Coating

Metal wall panels are designed for strength and durability. However, exposure to the elements can cause damage. That’s especially true where the sun and pollution are concerned. That’s where a protective coating becomes beneficial. Applying a protective coating to your metal wall panels can help improve durability. A protective coating can also form a barrier against damage caused by UV and pollution exposure. There are a variety of coatings to choose from. We can help you choose the protective coating that’s right for your metal panels. 

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

When it comes to extending the life of your metal panels, you want to avoid harsh chemicals. That includes staying away from harsh cleaning solutions. Some cleaning agents contain chemicals that can damage the surface of your metal panels. That’s why you should pay close attention to the cleaning agents you use on your commercial building.

One way to avoid chemical exposure is to use mild and non-corrosive cleaning products on your metal panels. It’s also a good idea to avoid chemical exposure related to industrial products. If you use chemicals in your commercial operations, talk to your contractor about other measures you can use to protect your metal panels. 

Reduce Condensation

If you want to protect your new metal panels, now’s the time to think about sweat. You might not know it, but metal panels can sweat if they’re not protected. Sweat or condensation is visible on the surface of metal panels. But, condensation can also happen below the surface. Condensation can lead to mold growth.

Condensation can also reduce energy efficiency, increase odors, and increase the risk of rust and corrosion. There are ways to reduce condensation. A few ways are to include adequate insulation, proper panel system drainage, and a building vapor barrier when you get your metal panels installed. Improving drainage around the foundation of the building can also reduce condensation on your metal panels. 

Take Care of Repairs

Metal panels are designed to withstand the elements. But, metal panels do need repairs from time to time. Postponing repairs can undermine the structural integrity of your metal panels. That’s why you need to take care of repairs as soon as you see a problem. Some issues to watch for include cracks, split seams, and loose fasteners. One way to spot problems right away is to make panel inspections a part of your routine building maintenance. 

Get maximum benefit from your investment. If you’re investing in metal panels, the tips provided here will help you extend their lifespan. For questions about metal panels, give Berwald Roofing & Sheet Metal a call. We’re here to help. Call 651-777-7411.


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