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Preparing for Roof Replacement


For many homeowners, roof replacement is a big project that requires careful planning and budgeting. Otherwise, you might rush the project, fail to raise the replacement money, or fail to get the roof you want. Below are some tips to prepare for roof replacement.

Evaluate the Entire Roof’s Condition

A careful roof assessment will reveal whether you need to replace the whole roof, including the support structures or its covering. The roof’s age, damage cause, maintenance, and material determine which parts need replacement. For example, you may be able to preserve and reuse accessories such as flashing, vents, and gutters, depending on their condition.

Unfortunately, you might not know the condition of hidden roof parts until the contractor tears off the roof covering. For example, you might not know the decking condition while the shingles still cover it.

Determine How Long the Roof Can Still Serve You

Roof replacement should not be an emergency. You need ample time to prepare for the replacement, get the money, and choose a good contractor for the project.

You should be aware of your roof’s condition and lifespan if you regularly inspect it. Otherwise, contact a roofing contractor to assess the roof and determine how long it can still serve you.

Consult Your HOA

If you are a member of a homeowner’s association (HOA), the association probably has a say in your roof replacement. HOAs regulate construction or remodeling projects to maintain curb appeal and property values. Therefore, your HOA may affect:

  • Your roof’s color
  • Your roof’s design
  • Your roof’s pitch

Consult the HOA to approve your next roof, especially if it will deviate from the existing one, before making concrete plans.

Compare Replacement Quotes vs. Budget

Many people don’t know how much roof replacement costs, which makes sense because the cost depends on multiple factors. Roof replacement costs depend on:

  • Roof square footage
  • Roof design and pitch
  • Roofing materials
  • Local labor costs

In addition, roof replacement costs change over time.

Without deep pockets, you cannot plan such a big project without budgeting. You cannot budget for the project unless you know the approximate cost. Contact a few roofing contractors in your area for quotes to help you with budgeting.

Understand Design and Material Options

You don’t have to maintain the existing roof’s design and materials. You can switch up the design and material if your budget, local authorities, and HOA allow it. For example, you can:

  • Switch from asphalt shingles to a metal roof
  • Change to a different color
  • Alter the roof pitch

You should discuss the practicalities of your ideas with your roofing contractor. For example, switching from relatively light metal to heavier slate may only be possible with a strong roof structure. Otherwise, you have to strengthen the roof to handle the additional weight.

Choose the Contractor and Schedule the Project

Lastly, choose your contractor and schedule the project for a convenient period. In choosing a roofing company, consider:

  • Its experience
  • Its licensing and experience
  • Its quote
  • Project timeline

For example, you should see samples of the roofing company’s previous projects.

If you have time—meaning the existing roof can serve for some time—schedule the replacement when roofing companies are not too busy. Confirm the validity of the replacement quote with your chosen contractor. You may have to get a new quote if you take too long to implement the project after the initial quote.

Berwald Roofing Inc. can walk with you through the entire roof replacement journey. We have over 80 years of experience in the roofing industry, and no job is too big or small for us. Contact us for a quote to begin your roof replacement journey.


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