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When your roof starts to show signs of wear and tear, you need an expert fix. The team at Berwald Roofing handles all your roofing needs, including maintenance, repair, and replacement. Your roof will be in great shape after our team sees to everything from the plumbing to the sheeting. We are proud to serve Shakopee, MN, and the surrounding area, so call us if you need commercial roofing services.

Minnesota’s Roofing Experts

For over 80 years, Berwald Roofing has been serving business owners in Minnesota, so you aren’t going to find a more experienced or trusted roofing company anywhere. Our team of highly skilled workers will make sure your roof is installed to the highest standards, no matter how large, small, simple, or complicated your roof is.

Durable Roofing Materials

Commercial buildings take a beating from the weather, so we use the best materials on the market to ensure your roof will last as long as possible. We frequently recommend architectural sheet metal for roofing, siding, and more. Sheet metal is a durable and flexible material, so you can use it practically anywhere and won’t have to worry about maintenance.

If you need architectural wall panels or sheet metal for your commercial building, call our team at 651-777-7411.


Trust Berwald Roofing, Minnesota's experts in roofing, sheet metal, and wall panels with your project, no matter the size.

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