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You want the quality of your work to be apparent at a glance, so you want the buildings you create through both new construction and remodeling to be aesthetically pleasing. Thankfully, Berwald Roofing & Sheet Metal provides architectural wall panels that will improve the appearance of your buildings.

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With help from our construction team in Minneapolis, MN, you can choose the perfect exterior wall panels for your construction project, whether you’re building a school, a home, a small business, or a sports arena. We offer a range of options to suit any design aesthetic, including metal, composite, and wood materials. We can also provide panels in a variety of colors so you can design the building to suit your style.

With our years of experience, you can be sure that we’ll use high-quality workmanship to install the panels on your building. We combine our experience with the latest techniques, technology, and information to ensure we stay at the cutting edge of the industry. We even manufacture roofing and wall panels, so we can make the custom panels you want.

For more information about our work in the St Paul, MN, area or anywhere else in Minnesota, check out our completed projects or give us a call at 651-777-7411.



Insulated Panel Systemsolmsted-1

While field-assembled manufactured wall and roof insulated panel systems provide a practical, weather-tight, energy efficient and moisture-resistant solution to a wide range of applications, the factory-formed architectural and industrial wall and roof panels combine beauty and strength while providing excellent R-values.

We work with the following manufacturers for Insulated Panel projects.

  • MBCI


Single Skin Profile Panels Systems18

A single skin profile panel system includes a wide range of possibilities. These panels typically consist of a single layer of prefinished steel aluminum, copper, or zinc, and are manufactured to a specific profile or shape. Depending on the panel profile chosen the fasteners can be concealed or exposed. The possibilities are endless with this medium of panel facade family.

We work with the following manufacturers for profile panel projects.

  • Firestone Una-Clad
  • Coated Metal Group Ultra-Clad
  • Peterson Aluminum Pac-Clad
  • Berridge Manufacturing
  • MBCI

Aluminum Composite Systemsstpaul-childrens-finished-021

Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) Wall Panel Systems are widely used in today’s ever growing industry. This panel system can be installed over numerous substrates; it utilizes a route-and-return panel style, it is available in 3mm, 4mm or 6mm material, and has two main options for esthetic appearances, a dry-set/rainscreen (BPS-DR1000) or wet-set (BPS-WS1000) system. A dry-set/rainscreen system consists of an aluminum extrusion clip system with a matching color accent strip recessed in the panel joints. A wet-set system consists of an aluminum extrusion clip system with sealant set inside the panel joints.

We work with the following manufacturers for Aluminum Composite Wall Panel projects.

  • 3A Alucobond
  • Alcoa Rynobond
  • Alpolic

Aluminum Plate Systems

Aluminum Plate Wall Panel Systems are similar to aluminum composite systems in their style and appears. This panel system can be installed over numerous substrates, it utilizes a return leg pan-panel style, it is available typically in 1/8” (.125) thick material, and is typically installed in a wet-set system. This panel system is typically post painted after fabrication to meet any color choice desired.

Flat Lock Panel Systemsafl-3

Berwald’s flat lock panel (BPS-FL5000) system is constructed of interlocking panels that utilize specially designed joints concealing all fasteners and has an integrated clip system. The flat lock panel system can be made of squares, rectangles or diamonds, and can be installed horizontally or vertically. In contrast to shingles, they have a similar look with hemmed edges (hemmed over on the top, under on the bottom) which interlock to form simple joints. This panel system is a reliable, esthetically pleasing option for any wall panel location, even when the building shape is geometrically complicated. The panels are available in pre-finished steel or aluminum, copper, zink, and many other products.



Cor-Ten Systemsmn-1

MN Valley National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center, Carver, MN Cor-Ten metal is one of the latest trends in roofing and wall panel products. Its unique look and natural oxidizing finish provides a beautiful color and texture, with minimal care required because it does not have a painted finish that could fade or scratch over time. Unlike older exposed steel applications, Cor-Ten can achieve more gorgeous deep dark rust much quicker and is constructed from heavy gauge steel decreasing the likelihood of rusting through.





HPL & Wood Composite Systemsrockford-hs-new-commons

High Pressure Compact Laminate (HPL) panels and Composite Panels with Natural Wood Veneer are becoming a popular medium for exterior and interior wall facades. These panel systems are installed over an aluminum extrusion channel system providing a positive air and moisture space behind the panels. Typically they are installed with an exposed fastener in a predetermined pattern to meet engineering and wind load requirements. The fasten heads can match the panel finish if desired. The panel material is available in 6mm, 8mm, 10mm or 13mm thickness, numerous rectangle or square fabricated finish panel sizes available, and a wide variety of prefinished colors, metallic, wood decors, and natural finishes are available.

We work with the following manufacturers for HPL & Wood Composite Panel projects.

  • Trespa
  • Prodema

Manufacturers We Work With










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